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Babel Film Festival

They have opened the Call for the 2017 Babel Film Festival. The fifth edition of Babel Film Festival will take place in Cagliari from Dec. 4-9 2017.

The Festival is sponsored by the Humane Society - Sardinian Film Archive, in collaboration with the Association Babel, Terra de Punt and Areavisuale and eith the support of national and international institutions of great prestige. Babel Film Festival is part of the path that Sardinia, the region, and the local authorities, Babel Film Festival is part of the path that Sardinia, the region, and the local authorities, are making for years in the preservation of the minority linguistic heritage.

Babel is the only international competition in the world dedicated exclusively to movies in minority languages, dialects, slang or "dead" languages and sign languages.

The aim of Babel Film Festival is also to become an annual event for the city of Cagliari, the Sardinian capital, to create a place for discussion and exchange that well fits the vocation of a city where diversities meet, talk to and understand each other. It is also an important opportunity for the people of cinema, and art in general, so that they can enrich themselves with this source of creativity, granted by the diversity of minority languages (a definition that includes also dialects, slang and more) and their figurative and communicative force. Those expressive languages that, being not reduced to the necessity of an essentially functional and functionalist purpouse, are by defalut more oriented to a poetic vision of the world and are closer to the life of communities, the frame that makes life worth living day after day.

The call is open to feature films, short films and documentaries in minority languages spoken in the world.

To download the rules and complete the registration you can visit the Festival page.

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